rcQueue is a versatile virtual queueing solution which can be used to replace any kind of queue line that has a predictable capacity.

Find out more what benefits rcQueue has for you and your customers. Individual customizations of the software to meet your company's needs make rcQueue one of the most versatile solutions on the market. Our SAAS approach gives you all the benefits of a virtual queue line solution without having to worry about operations it.

What is rcQueue?

rcQueue is a virtual queue line solution. It can be used in all places that have customers wait in line on a regular basis.

Instead of lining up in a queue line, your customers use their own smart phone to scan a QR code at the entrance (or get a personalized link when booking ahead). The QR code opens a website on their mobile phone browser that allows them to choose their party size. In the next step, they get either the next available time slot or a selection of available time slots for them to book. A QR code is displayed on their phone that is scanned at the entrance as soon as the time slot has arrived. The team member at the entrance uses any smart phone with camera and QR code reading capabilities (all recent Apple & Android smart phones can be used) to scan the QR code. A validation screen on the phone will show whether the reservation is valid, not used twice and if it is in the right time slot.

You still have the full flexibility: If you are having a slower day, you can still use your physical queue line, on high attended days, you can easily enable the rcQueue system (e.g. by placing a customer stopper with the QR code at the entrance) for that time.

Especially when you want to maintain physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual queue keeps your customers distanced without the need for long and extended queue lines.

Who can benefit from rcQueue?

rcQueue is very versatile and can be used to depict almost any queue line situation.

  • Small theme parks
    Ride queue lines can sometimes stretch to more than an hour, especially on days with high attendance. By replacing your physical queue line with a virtual queue line, you can have your visitors spend their time at merchandise shops and restaurants while waiting for their time slot instead of them standing in long lines.
  • High ropes courses
    High ropes courses don't have a large capacity. Instructions at the beginning of time slots take time and can only be given to a certain amount of visitors at once. Using rcQueue, you can pre-define fixed time slots for instructions and the according group sizes, so that your visitors can plan ahead and don't have to wait for an available time slot.
  • Family entertainment centers
    Families with children that want to visit an FEC sometimes get confronted with lines at the entrance of some experiences, like shows or food kiosks. By pre-defining capacities and time slots, families can enjoy the experiences with minimal queue lines and happy children.
  • Bungee jumping
    rcQueue enables bungee jumping operators to use capacities throughout the day by making reservations for small groups of e.g. 1 to 3 people for fixed "jumping times". Expecially at music festivals or in high-attended tourism areas, rcQueue can maximize benefits by using available capacities to the maximum.
  • Zip lines
    rcQueue's strength are experiences with very limited capacities. Operators can add time slots to their ticket sales with ease by integrating rcQueue into their POS system.
  • Tram tours
    Tram tours usually follow pre-defined schedules. Especially on high-attended days, queues may arise at the stops. rcQueue allows to reserve a certain amount of spots in the train for customers that might be willing to pay an additional fee to get guaranteed seating at their desired time.
  • Museums, movie theaters
    On high-attended days, museums and movie theaters (usually inside of entertainment complexes, such as malls) may generate huge crowds. People standing in line get annoyed and bored, which leaves a "bad aftertase" at the experience. To prevent this, a quickly installed virtual queue can help controlling the crowds by defining fixed time slots for them to arrive in the desired party sizes to maintain a quick and efficient admission.
  • Beauty salons/barber shops
    Sometimes beauty salons and barber shops don't offer appointments, but treatments have fixed durations and therefore can be planned well ahead. Customers who spontaeously want to make an appointment for a beauty treatment can easily make use of the rcQueue system to get a reservation with little to no effort. Integration with your POS and reservation/booking system allows you to maintain synchronization between both systems.
  • and many more
    You see, rcQueue is quite versatile. We focus on your needs and requirements and allow for a quickly installable virtual queue solution to your business.

Benefits for your customers

rcQueue has benefits for you and your customers. We focus on an easy-to-use experience for your customers whilst maintaining maximum flexibility and control for the operators.

  • Your customers don't have to wait in tight spaces, getting bored and maybe even vandalizing your decorations.
  • Waiting times appear shorter when you spend them the way you want, e.g. by having a short meal break, strolling around or (window) shopping.
  • You can plan ahead your day trip by booking experience times in advance. This allows for easy scheduling meals and breaks in between an experience-packed day.
  • Groups can enjoy an experience together - nothing is more annoying than having to split up when there are not enough spots left e.g. for a roller coaster ride. rcQueue allows groups to reserve time slots together so that they can experience the fun together by filling available capacities to the maximum extent.

Benefits for your business

Not only your customers will love rcQueue. It enables you to maximize profits by using capacities to their full extent, having happy customers and a system that allows you to take full control whilst maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

  • rcQueue knows the (theoretical and practical) capacities of your experiences. By distributing guest groups across the availabe time slots, open spots can be filled to maximize capacity usage. This allows for shorter wait times and less unused (and expensive) capacity.
  • Your customers can spend more time on other experiences like shops or restaurants while virtually standing in line. A customer that is locked into a physical queue can't spend money anywhere else.
  • Queue lines need less space as only a few people will be in the physical queue when their time slots have arrived.
  • Physical distancing between guests can be easily practised by eliminating queues with tight spaces and points of contact.

Why choose rcQueue?

rcQueue is a versatile solution to allow for maximum capacity usage while keeping full control over guest flow.

  • rcQueue is an "off-the-shelf" solution when you need it. It is easily implemented and can be used out of the box with almost no effort on the business side.
  • rcQueue is simple but flexible: Even though the standard implementation can be installed with ease almost anywhere, we are still able to customize the behaviour, look and feel and processes to fit the needs of almost any business.
  • rcQueue is a low-cost solution that any business can afford. Our pricing is based on the amount of experiences and their capacities. A single experience with a capacity of 100pph is lower priced than a dozen experiences with several thousand pph. Contact us for an individual quote.
  • rcQueue requires no to little hardware. Your employees can use their personal smart phones or you can supply them with a phone to fulfil the task of validating time slots and supporting customers with issues. For installing self-service terminals, you only need low-spec hardware for rcQueue to function.
  • rcQueue updates itself automatically on a regular basis. If new features get implemented, they are automatically applied to all installations on our servers enabling all customers to benefit from them. This comes at no additional cost - you get a state of the art software that never gets obsolete for a reasonable price.

A lookout to future features

rcQueue is being continuously developed to deliver better experiences to your customers and enabling you to achieve more control and analytical features are added regularly.

Here, we would like to give you an overview of the features that are currently planned or under development:

  • Statistics on the usage of the systems to allow you see the amount of bookings per time slot, cancelled or expired/unused bookings, see when reservations are usually redeemed (more at the start, middle or end of the time frame), average time between reservation and reserved time slot ( = queue length), and many more.
  • Integration with physical queues to allow virtual queues to match the waiting time for guests waiting in physical queue lines. Also, a "fast pass" style approach can be established by reserving a certain capacity just for users of rcQueue.
  • Upcharge for single-use virtual queues with no effort on your side: The billing is maintained completely through rcQueue, so that you do not have to configure anything or have additional contracts with payment service providers.
  • Integration with online ticket shops to allow sending personalized rcQueue links to your customers after a purchase has been made.
  • Preview of current virtual queue length ahead of booking: A TV on site can display the next available time slots among with other information for your customers giving them an added value to their experience.
  • Time slot booking ahead of the visit: Customers can already reserve an experience time before visiting to plan ahead, enabling you to calculate necessary capacities and personnel with enough forerun.
  • Prevention of multiple simultaneous bookings per device/customer: By preventing multiple bookings of a ride (or multiple bookings on several rides at the same time), you can better control guest flow and make abuse of the virtual queue system impossible, giving your customers a better experience with less dissatisfaction on unavailable slots.

When do you want to start?

We offer you a free testing period with no obligation. You may also want to have a look at the actual booking system before trying it on-site, therefore we offer test accounts with a limited feature set for free, so that you can convince yourself of the quality of our product.

If you would like to get a personalized quote or want to test rcQueue, just contact us.